Die casting foundry

We offer die casting of aluminium parts 0,05kg up to 8kg on machines  280 – 900 T and brass parts 0,05 to 2 kg on machines 280-500T.

Grinding and polishing

We are able to offer aluminium and brass parts decorative grinding on belt  and wheel grinders and manual polishing on wheels and in robotic cell.

Press shop

We have 15 eccentric presses manual and automatic for punching, pierceing, bending with possibility to work with castings and steel sheets up to 5 mm

Powder painting and galvanization

We have possibility to powder painting parts in any RAL colour. Max dimensions of lacquered part 500mm x500mm x500mm

We are able to offer our castings with galvanization provided by our long-term subsuppliers

Design and realization
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